To get the best out of functional clothing, it is important to dress properly from the body outwards. We recommend the layer principle:

Layer 1

You should wear polyester or wool closest to the body, or wool with Outlast®. It wicks away moisture and keeps you warm and dry. Avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and will cool you down. Our underwear is also available in ventilated mesh for hot weather and in a range of wool weights and Windstopper for those really cold days.

Layer 2

Because the intermediate layer should insulate and regulate temperature, use fleece, polyester or wool. Avoid cotton here, too. We recommend a garment that balances temperature and counteracts sweating. In really warm weather, you can skip the intermediate layer.

Layer 3

This layer protects you from wind and water while completing the wicking of moisture away from the body. We recommend jackets and pants that use membranes.

Layer 4

In the most extreme wet and cold conditions, consider adding a fourth outer shell to protect from wind chill or wetting out of products. Once a jacket becomes wet on the outside, heat is lost quickly and the effects of wind chill become greater even when still dry on the inside. Use our WP jacket and trousers or WP suit as a perfect fourth layer. Add covers for gloves and footwear.


Function membrane

Today, there are various materials to help keep out the cold and the rain. The most common category is made up of so-called breathable materials. This is a membrane between the outer material and the liner in the clothing. These are water- and windproof but will still release body moisture from the garment. In Halvarssons’ snow mobile collection we have chosen to use the functional membrane Dryway+®. This is a material we have helped develop and over the years it has been thoroughly tried and tested. We know that it reach up to our high demands and the demands put on them during the special conditions in wintry climates, when snow mobiles are used. Speed, wind or water – they protect against anything nature holds in store for you!

This is how it works

The technology behind Dryway+® and similar types of functional membranes is based on the difference in temperatures on the inside and the outside of the membrane.
The heat on the inside allows body moisture to be released to the outside and the moisture to stay on the outside.
In a reversed situation, when using heated grips for instance, the membrane works in the other direction and lets moisture enter through the membrane.