Care instructions

Alterations studio

Follow the washing instructions accompanying your clothes and always remember to remove protectors before washing garments. You should waterproof your outer garments regularly, preferably after every third wash.
If you have a functional garment with a membrane, don’t use rinse detergent and remember to use a suitable waterproofing agent for membrane.
We recommend our Nikwax products for cleaning and impregnation.
Polyester and polyamide (nylon) used in textile garments melt at 240-260°C.
Therefore, avoid extreme heat to prevent damage to your clothes.

Our clothes are made in more sizes and models than those from most other manufacturers. This is to make them fit as many people as possible, but sometimes that is not enough. In some cases, small adjustments may be needed to make them fit as intended. If you find the clothes that you feel are right for you, in style and function, but the fit is not 100 % correct, our tailors can change them for you.
We also help you repair minor damages or even help you out, if the clothes last longer than your body size.